Our Pastors

Andrey and Luda Syrisko
Get to know our pastors, Andrey and Luda Syrisko, whose spiritual journey spans over 25 years
and two continents. Andrey experienced a spiritual rebirth and was filled with the Holy Spirit at
the age of 16. He started his ministry as a youth pastor in Florida, USA, dedicating his life to
serving the Lord. Luda was born again at the age of 19; she was miraculously healed from a
deadly heart disease and gave her life to the Lord. One year later she was called to the mission
field and became a young pastor in Rubizhne, Ukraine. Both Andrey and Luda began their
ministry in 1999 in different parts of the world. Their paths united when they got married in 2005,
and they co-led the City of Praise Church in Rubizhne, Ukraine.

Fast forward to 2020, Pastors Andrey and Luda embarked on a new chapter as they established
and now lead the City of Praise Church in Tampa, Florida. This vibrant congregation is an
international community that celebrates diverse backgrounds and shared faith. With their deep-
rooted history in spiritual leadership and unwavering commitment to serving the people, Pastors
Andrey and Luda continue to guide and inspire their congregation with passionate dedication.