We are a Church, not just any church, but a Church of Praise in our city; we call ourselves the City of Praise. Our journey in Tampa, FL began in 2020 as a small group of believers, united with one purpose: to glorify the name of Jesus. This purpose is the heart of our gathering, guiding every aspect of our fellowship. We are not a building, cathedral, temple, or mere place; we are the body of Christ, formed by unique individuals from diverse cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds.
Our inception was marked by deep prayer and a sincere desire to please God and to be obedient to His will. We firmly believe that when two or three are gathered in His name, He is there among us, manifesting through His Holy Spirit. Thus, we are a body of born-again, Holy Spirit-filled believers, committed to worshiping the King of kings and Lord of lords. At the core of our identity is the principle that worship is not just an act, but a way of life. Inspired by John 4:23, we understand that God is actively seeking those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth. This belief shapes our worship, characterized by genuine adoration that invites God’s presence into our midst, for He dwells in the praises of His people. In boldness and faith, we are calling for our city to become the City of Praise.

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Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 1:00 pm