Pastors & Staff

Andrey Syrisko

Lead Pastor

Andrey is our Lead Pastor; he guides our diverse congregation with wisdom and dedication. His deep faith and commitment unify and uplifts the City of Praise Church in Tampa, Florida, fostering spiritual growth and a strong community.

Luda Syrisko

Pastor, Ministry Coordinator, Worship Ministry

Luda, Pastor and Ministry Coordinator, brings warmth and a friendly, communicative atmosphere to our Worship Ministry. Her dedicated service enriches the lives of our members, ensuring that all ministries work together harmoniously.

Anna Zvarych

Worship Ministry, Finance Officer

Anna, a Minister with a quiet yet strong character, leads Worship and is also our Finance Officer. Her calm demeanor and attention to detail ensure enriching worship services and well-managed finances. Anna is not only a Worship Leader but also a teacher, who is the backbone of our Music and Worship Ministry.

Ihor Zvarych

Worship Ministry

Ihor is a dynamic leader in the Worship Ministry, always ready to take initiative. His energetic approach inspires the worship team and congregation, creating an engaging atmosphere. Ihor plays several musical instruments, with guitar being his major.

Oleksii Bryzhnichenko

Deacon, Administration

Oleksii serves as Deacon and handles administrative duties with care. His reliable nature ensures smooth operations, supporting various ministries and maintaining the church's infrastructure.

Yana Bryzhnichenko

Children Ministry, Administration

Yana oversees the Children’s Ministry and Administration with dedication. Her organizational skills and nurturing personality create a safe, welcoming environment for children, fostering their growth. Yana also organizes church celebrations and events.

Pavel Kupin

Youth Ministry

Pavel leads the Youth Ministry with passion, inspiring young people to deepen their faith. His relatable approach makes him a mentor and role model, encouraging spiritual and personal growth.

Hanna Kupina

Children Ministry

Hanna is devoted to the Children’s Ministry, providing a caring and supportive environment. Her warmth and kindness ensure children feel valued and loved, helping them grow in their faith.

Halyna Oliynyk

Pastor, New Believers, Teen Ministry Coordinator

Pastor Halyna coordinates New Believers and Teen Ministry with experienced leadership. Her empathetic nature makes her a trusted mentor, guiding new believers and teens on their spiritual journeys. Halyna is also a dedicated Bible teacher.

Denys Hruienko


Pastor Denys offers thoughtful counseling to those in need, providing a listening ear and guidance. His ability to connect with people makes him a valuable resource for spiritual and emotional support. Denys also serves as a Bible teacher.

Olha Matviievska

Home Groups

Olha leads one of our Home Groups, fostering community and support among members. Her welcoming nature creates a space where members can share their faith and grow together.

Vitalii Shevchenko


Vitalii provides valuable assistance in administration and supports the deacons in their duties. His dedication ensures the smooth functioning of various church ministries

Natalya Shevchenko

Women’s Ministry, Teen Ministry

Nataliya is dedicated to serving in the Women's and Teens' Ministry, connecting with and mentoring women and teenagers. Her approachable nature and guidance help them navigate life's challenges with faith and resilience.

Valentyn Chervonyi

Sound & Media

Valentyn manages Sound and Media, ensuring the church's message is heard clearly. His technical expertise enhances the worship experience, making sure every service runs smoothly.